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Limited edition - available until end of January

Available in three colors: White, Red and Aubergine

To place your order please send us an email

or drop us a message on Instagram.

Price: 110 USD - including delivery

This decorative arrangement is the work of a collaboration between FLOR:ISH Studio and ceramic artist Zeina-Bacardi Sakr.


Inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics with gold, it embodies a philosophy of renewal. The ability of finding perfection in the imperfections. 


In the spirit of the holidays, this creation serves as a powerful reminder that our scars are precious, and that brokenness can be mended. 


This hand-made piece comes in a limited edition of 30, and is numbered at the bottom – with anthurium flowers, gold-leafed individually. We’ve chosen to focus on refined simplicity, and a timeless vessel, that when truly cared-for leaves an impression long beyond the flowers’ expiration date. 

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